Facebook Invite All Friend At Once In Page At Single Click 2014 Working.

So you wan't to invite all friend at once in  your page so you page can get more like here is code to do that. just follow the simple step to get your job done.

Follow This Step.

1. Go To Facebook and open Page where you want to invite all friend
(Note:- you can also invite to any page no need to be admin)

2.Now Drag you will see "invite your friend to like this page"

3. Click See All and then click Search All Friend if not selected by default.

( See the below image to understand better. )

4. Now a popup will appear which show your all friend there

5. Now Press Ctrl+Shift+j ( you will see inspect element )
Note:- Press Ctrl+Shift+k ( for Firefox )

6. Click on console if not clicked by default

7. Pest the below Code there and hit enter
( See blow image to get understand Better )

Code Here-Copy This Code

8. Wait for few minute After all Done you will see invite send.

Done Enjoy..

Note:- This is not official way of doing this do it at your own risk.

Comment if any question Below.

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