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Sunday, September 4, 2011

How To Copy Text From Any Image

Trick to Copy Text From Any Image
For this you have to install MS-Office on your system.
Now open Microsoft Office OneNote (Start–>All Programs–>Microsoft Office–>Microsoft Office OneNote).

Drag and Drop
the image in the MS-OneNote window from which you want copy the text.

Now Right-Click on the image and select Copy Text From Picture option. Open Notepad or MS-Office (where you want save the text) and paste the content there.Now you have the whole text in your notepad or Ms-Office.You can edit or format it and save only the required excerpt.


  1. bro hw to copy text,its nt copiyn :/

  2. dear just follow the trick you can able to copy and yes...take image with some clear text in image


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