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Sunday, October 16, 2011

How to do a Friends Request

How to do a Friends Request

1. Look around your friends friends, group members, fans of the same pag

2. Find a person you think will be a good friend/connection.

3. Look at their info and check if they are in the same city/area.
Find common interests, this can be with their likes, favorites or even where they studied. This is all on their info panel (assuming they have this accessible by non-friends).

4. Hit friends request and add a relevant message.You need to be real, interesting and friendly or people will not like your friends request. Be sure that you also prune your friend list every now and then. This is for two reasons, to keep a list that is active and only of people you actually interact with and if you mention you are pruning your list it makes the people remaining on the list after the cull feel more special.

Important: when people accept your request or request to be your friend on Facebook, make sure you add them to relevant lists early. I wish I had done this much sooner as it is a very useful tool. With lists you can invite specific people to events and pages as well as contacting them as a group. Segmentation of contacts is super so be sure to do it.