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Saturday, January 7, 2012

10 Tips To Identify Fake Profile In Facebook

How To Identify Fake Profile In Facebook?
[it's not fake account. this is only an example of fake account]
Like many other social networks, Facebook also contains tons of fake profiles unfortunately. Those fake profile holders use Social Engineering tactics to attack innocent people. Facebook has almost 500 Million Users and it is not surprising to have few thousands fake profiles. Below I mentioned some funny but true tips to check whether a profile is fake or not.

1. Profile Picture: Always be suspicious of profiles featuring photos of professional models. Most of the fake profiles, especially that of females, have only one profile picture and that too a beautiful or sexy (ahem) picture!

2. A Bunch Of Friends: Most of Profile added a bunch of Facebook Friends like: 3500 Friends or 2505 Friends.

3. For Boys : Girls don’t send friend requests to strangers, I mean good girls! So if, by chance, you get a friend request from girls, don’t confirm it without verifying the details. If you are not a handsome looking guy and you got a friend request from a hot babe. Then you really need to triple check!

4. For Girls : Who said? I support boys too! But some boys usually send friend requests to girls. So it is better to confirm with others and verify. If you are not a hot babe and you got a friend request from a handsome looking guy. Then you should also really need to triple check!

5.Profile Pictures Comments: If they comment on their pics with "Thanks Or Thank You!".This is not a fake profile.But how to find with comments: Okay see comments list like :

Boy : U r so beautiful
Girl : No Reply About this comment

Boy: Nice Looking
Girl : No Reply About this comment

And more.....You can check about this more and you have to use common sense about their profile why I am commenting on this pic.If they have some mutual friends definatoly He/She reply about their comment.If no He/She is Fake Profile and what you have to do remove them.

6.Chat: If you are trying to chat with He/She but didn't reply. No problem We think He/She is busy but after 10 days or 30 days you are trying to chat with He/She but didn't get reply any one word than He/She is absolutely Fake Profile.Why I am said this point because I try this in my Profile and remove those useless friends.

7. Status Updates: Most probably fake profile’s status updates won’t get comments or likes. They may also share fake websites.

8. When Did They Joined?: Check when she/he joined. If they have lots of friends and have only been on the Facebook a short amount of time, it’s likely to be a fake one.

9.Tag: Many people use tag photo in their friends.Fake Profile has tagged lots of tagging pictures but didn't give any response of any photo.This is Fake Profile..:)

Many Males: Their friends list will contain males mostly (Well, that’s not their fault, gender issue.....:). It could be around 1000s or even more than that.

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