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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to detect a keylogger in your computer

Keylogger is the software program or a hardware which reads and store all the key stroke by a user in the system it is installed.

Having a keylogger in the system means you are going to loose some thing big. If your system is infected by a keylogger, your email id, facebook account, bank account and all other secure data is on the risk. Now a days hackers are active enough and many website offering free software download with keyloggers attached in it. So you need to know how to protect your system from keyloggers. If you want to know how to detect a keyloggers in a system, you can follow these points:

1. Check the task list by press ctrl+alt+del in windows. Examine all the tasks running in your system, if you are unsure about a task look it up on a search engine.

2. Run your antivirus checker, it's possible this will pick up the Keylogger on your system.

3. Use the system configuration utility to determine which task are loaded at start-up (type "msconfig" in the run box to start).

4. Download a specific keylogger detector program, and see if it detects anything.

5. Scan your hard disk for the most recent files stored. Look at the contents of any files continually updating (these might be logs created by antivirus).

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  1. Very nice post there.. i have personal experience that no any specific antivirus able to detect keylogger. because just like antivirus there are lot's of types of keyloggers to. but we should detect them easily by monitoring the process running through task manager.


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