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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Use your pen drive as a RAM

Friend here i am going to show you a amezing tricks to use your pendrive as a RAM(Random access memory) 

Follow these steps :-

1. Insert the Pen Drive (1GB at least) in the USB port
try to prefer 4GB.
2. Let the PC do what it wants to do to detect it..
3. After it finished his work, you have to act smart,

” Here goes the real thing ” 

4. Right Click on My Computer -> Properties
5. Advanced -> Performance Settings
6. Advanced -> Change
7. Select the Pen Drive
8. Click on Custom Size

” Check the value of space available ”

9. Enter the same in the Initial and the Max columns

” You just used the space of the PenDrive as a Virtual Memory ”

OILA !!! Your PC is fast and furious   Enjoy...........

Thats it i hope you like your new Pen-drive Tric ! Check out more of our Cool Trick

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  1. really cool trick i like your work if i use 8 GB pen drive then how its work i will work fine or not

  2. may be it will work.

  3. Use if virtual memory have made this easy to deal with the slow speed of computer and this is easier too to establish a connection of the pen drive with computer. This is most helpful to run the program and application which need more space to run.

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