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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Change Folder Background Picture in Windows 7

Guide To Use Folder Background Changer.

You Can change The folder Background Image using folder background changer the download link is give at last of this post.

1. Download The Background Changer
2. Extract the Zip file In Your Pc.
3. Run W7FBC1.1.exe as administrator (right click on the software and select run as administrator) you can see the example pic below.
4. After some time it will show the window like below
5. Just select the folder which you want to change the picture
6. Now click on change background image and select you image you can also Text color.

7. Done You Can see the priview like below.
8. To uninstall just click on uninstall it will restore you windows folder setting.
9. if you want to to change again then just follow the first step again.

Download Folder Background Changer.

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