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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Unblock blog From Facebook.

How to post in Facebook After Facebook block your blog.

Facebook is a best way to get traffic in to your blog. but sometimes Facebook block our blog for being Spam, and then we are not able to post our blogs post to Facebook the same thing happen with me when Facebook block your blog and your try to post your blog post to Facebook you get MSG like this.
So i start finding the soliuation for this in Google but i got nothing.after some day i got an idea to do this i am using here a method to redirect people from another blog to our main blog

See Demo

Here is  step to do this.
1.Create a New blog with the same name(you can put any name but same name is better)
2.Choose any simple template from blogger here i choose Watermark.
3.now go to blog template and click edit html click process.
4.find <head> tag 
5.put this set of code there.

Note- Change url=YOUR-BLOG-ADDRESS' with your blog url.

6.Click preview
4.then click save 

Here is Video of  This.

 Now you just share your new blog URL in to Facebook when people click in it they will automatic redirect into your blog.

Comment here if any question or idea.

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