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Friday, January 24, 2014

Facebook Animated Page like link.

Good morning friends,

Here i am with new trick of Facebook Animated Fan page like Link

Here is an example See below

Follow this step to make post like this.


1. Copy below  main code and put code 1 and code 2 to make animated cat and animated hug doll.

Main Code:- https://www.facebook.com/sms4love.in?sk=app_YOURCODE&app_data


In the place of sms4love.in put your Facebook page address.

In the place of YOURCODE pur any code from below in the Red Color.

Your Code 1.   216423528416706   this to make animated Hug Doll.

Your Code 2.   132260053603018   this to make animated Cat.

it will look like this after puting code 1. in to your main code


Copy Whole code and pest into your status bar and in group status and check its animating there.

here is my facebook page link you can see example here.

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Please comment below if any question this trick is tested by me Robin Raj